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Small White Farmhouse/Bloomer

Large White Farmhouse/Sandwich/Split Tin/Bloomer

Small Wholemeal Farmhouse/Bloomer

Large Wholemeal Farmhouse/Sandwich/Split Tin/Bloomer

Small Norfolk Crunch Farmhouse/Bloomer

Large Norfolk Crunch Farmhouse/Sandwich/Split Tin/Bloomer

Sesame Seed/Poppy Seed Bloomer

Cottage Loaf

Large Cob

Specialist Bread

Sour Dough Loaf

Sour Dough Bloomer

Sour Dough Baguette

Corn Bread Loaf

Corn Bread Baguette

Pia Do Baguette

Tomato Baguette

Sun dried Tomato Sour Dough Loaf

Olive Baguette

Olive Sour Dough Loaf

Onion Baguette

Onion Sour Dough Loaf

5 Seeded Loaf

5 Seeded Baguette

5 Seeded Sour Dough Loaf

Sprouted Rye Sour Dough


Hot Cross Buns


Crusty White/Soft White/Norfolk Crunch/ Wholemeal Roll

Sesame Seed/Poppy Seed Roll

White/ Norfolk Crunch/Wholemeal Bap

Sesame Seed/Poppy Seed Bap

White/Norfolk Crunch/Wholemeal Baguette

Sesame Seed/Poppy Seed Baguette


White French Stick

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